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Succession Planning

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Succession Planning in Pittsburgh, Kittanning & Washington, PA

As a business owner, retirement means more than wishing a co-worker well on future endeavors. When key employees leave your business, you should have the necessary preparations in place to ensure a smooth transition. The same holds true when you are the key employee leaving the company. For owners and decision makers in Pittsburgh, Kittanning and Washington, PA, the succession planning services provided by McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC are integral in preparing for the day you or an essential employee retires or are otherwise unable to maintain the day-to-day operations of your business. 

When is Succession Planning Necessary?

Our Pittsburgh, Kittanning and Washington, PA professionals will work with you to ensure your business has adequate provisions in place in the case that key positions, including yours, become vacant.  The succession planning services provided by McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC include:
  • Preparing for the successful transfer of your business and its corresponding assets in the event of a sale or merger. 
  • Encouraging continued business growth after the departure of key positions within your company.
  • Reducing the tax liability your family or heirs face when inheriting your assets, providing them with the resources necessary to succeed.
  • Assistance with choosing a successor from within your workforce, avoiding the time and cost associated with selecting an outside candidate.

The Benefits of Succession Planning

More than preparing for employees who retire or are otherwise unable to perform at their position in your company, succession planning also allows your company to have adequate provision for a variety of triggering events. Our Pittsburgh, Kittanning and Washington, PA professionals work with business owners and decision makers to implement strategies for promotion from within your business, saving money and reducing the need for a lengthy interview and reference checking process to replenish your workforce.
At McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC, our succession planning services will also help you to identify and address potential areas of weaknesses in training or leadership that may become more pronounced with the loss of key employees. Within compartmentalized company structures, it can be difficult to analyze the impact a vacant role will have until the business has to operate without it. Our Pittsburgh and Kittanning firms will assist you with effective business planning that uses our perspective to allow you to proactively review and provide for the appropriate training of your specialized workforce, strengthening the company as a whole. 

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Whether you are looking to prepare for a key employee’s or for the sale of your business, McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC is available to assist you in the process with a number of proven succession planning services. To learn more, contact our Pittsburgh, Kittanning and Washington, PA firm today!

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