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Tax Preparation

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Pittsburgh, Kittanning & Washington, PA - Tax Preparation and Compliance

For most business owners, preparing taxes can be a major headache. Our accountants are well-versed in providing tax preparation and compliance services in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities. Schedule your consultation with a professional tax preparer from McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC today!

Helping You Keep Your Hard-Earned Money

Our goal is to help clients save a greater proportion of their earnings by ensuring owners do not overpay on their taxes or fail to file in a timely fashion. Daily operations and tax deadlines make it difficult for business owners to focus on their business while also making the time to prepare their taxes.

Hiring McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC for tax preparation services in Pittsburgh, Kittanning, and Washington, PA, alleviates these burdens, ensuring you have accurately completed tax documents in a timely fashion. Our team takes care of that for you. We’ll help you hold on to more of your cash to protect your bottom line while reducing your tax expenses as much as is legally possible.

While some individuals can get by with using free tax preparation software, the intricacies that come with owning and operating a business are better handled by a dedicated professional tax preparer. We know what to look for when preparing taxes such as car deductions, minor business expenses, and maintaining current records.

The tax preparers at McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC have extensive experience with helping clients determine their best course of action. Should any discrepancies occur with your tax preparation, we provide legal IRS representation. Our year-round support for our clients makes us your partner in achieving tax compliance.

Going Beyond Tax Season

Since taxes are accrued over the course of a fiscal year, it’s important to put the right processes in place to ensure you’re maximizing your profits and minimizing your expenses. Our first also provides planning services accommodated to each individual’s style of operation, whether they’d like a greater amount of taxes withheld or would like to use more of that capital to expand their business throughout the year. A good tax plan will avoid unnecessary taxation while minimizing the expenses of unavoidable taxes.

Along with our business consulting service, good tax planning can greatly improve the rate of a business’s expansion and increase the efficiency of your operation.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC provides personalized tax preparation for small businesses and individuals in Pittsburgh, PA. We’re your partners in improving your tax planning and preparation efficiency to help your business grow! Contact us today.

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